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Dear Readers,

Welcome to my website where I hope you’ll browse for a while and see what new and exciting things I’m up to. The first thing you might notice is I write different genres. That’s because my brain isn’t your average functioning brain. Not even close. I thought since I enjoy indulging in different categories of books, why wouldn’t I write them? Makes sense, huh?

My Women of Courage Series is about people living in the small town of Gibbs City, Missouri in 1947. This is a serial and all books in a story are continuing and should be read in order. This series will carry on with different people we meet along the way. They will have their stories to tell you in five or more episodes. And yes, they will keep coming as fast as I can write them.

The Falcon Series are Romantic Suspense, Action-Adventure full length books that follow a different Falcon agent on each assignment. Often times, these brave men must save the world, other times their assignments are to bring in the most dangerous criminals in the world by any means necessary. While the agents are pretty rugged, they still find time for love with the strong women they encounter.

My Accidental Pleasures is a one night stand series about young women who find true love in the arms of strangers. This is Erotica with a very light touch. More tongue in cheek than dark and serious. They are a short, enjoyable read.

Please stop by and visit me often as I’ll be giving away prizes, signed copies of my books, and updates on the upcoming releases. I’ll also keep you posted on where I’ll be next. I hope you enjoy the books I write and hang on for the ride.

Thanks for everything!

Geri Foster

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